In Australia approximately 22,000 circumcision procedures are performed annually. These procedures are primarily performed on neonate males in the absence of medical justification and represent 15,000 to 18,000 children per year.

In 2007 all circumcision procedures not justified by a legitimate medical condition ceased nationally in public hospitals and facilities. This change of policy caused a significant decline in the request of circumcision with the private sector the only remaining elective option for parents.

Our strategic focus is to advocate for greater protections from those who benefit financially from providing circumcision services or those who insist circumcision is essential. (Cosmetics, Tradition, Culture, Prophylaxis, Religious)

The CLR team is comprised of dedicated people who are passionate about the protection of our most vulnerable.

We have the courage to take action concerning this overlooked societal problem and give a voice to those who suffer injustice.

*Circumcision Law Reform does not condone, support or endorse hatred, abuse or harm, especially on the basis of ethnicity, gender or faith. We instead promote inclusivity in respectful discussion and action that supports our advocacy of protections for children, youth, and parents.