Protecting children, youth and parents from the harm of circumcision


We advocate for the protection of all children, youth and parents from those who benefit financially from circumcision or insist circumcision is essential. (Cosmetics, Tradition, Culture, Prophylaxis, Religious)

What is Circumcision ?

Primarily performed on non-consenting healthy children, circumcision is the forced amputation of genital flesh based on tradition or false medical claims, both of which result in pain, harm and trauma.

Circumcision is a submission to authority: medical, cultural, religious, familial, and societal. In this context, many advocates who oppose circumcision are not considered an authority, which necessitates an intermediary.

CLR methodology is the engagement of authorities who oversee those who benefit financially through medical services. 

What protection and rights do we advocate?


  • Protection from permanent, harmful, medically unnecessary genital surgery.
  • Preservation of the right for an individual to have their body protected from harm by others.
  • Protection from false or inappropriate diagnosis that recommends circumcision.


  • Protection from coercion, manipulation and pressure to have their genitals permanently altered by surgery.
  • To ensure all possible alternatives to circumcision are made available when suggested as a medical intervention.


  • The parental right to accurate and unbiased medical information that includes the benefits of intact genitals.
  • To informed consent, free of financially and culturally motivated manipulation and pressure tactics.
  • To protection from medical malpractice and fraud. 
  • To protect their children from bodily injury when consent from both parents can not be agreed. 

Why are these protections important?

Circumcision providers use deceptive and misleading advertising to promote their services for monetary gain.

Medicare funding intended for legitimate medical intervention is being misappropriated for circumcision procedures.

Inadequate oversight has resulted in children being circumcised without the informed consent of both parents.

Children are suffering serious harm as a consequence of circumcision, including the death of a two year old boy in Perth during December of 2021.


Medicare Fraud

The majority of circumcision providers misappropriate Medicare funding for procedures that do not qualify for coverage.

We conduct surveying to determine the willingness of practitioners to commit Medicare fraud.

Deceptive Advertising

Numerous circumcision providers have been implicated for advertising false, misleading and deceptive information to promote the services they provide.

We conduct reviews to identify failures to adhere to national advertising laws.

Legislative Reform

We advocate for legislative reform that strengthens protections against deceptive, misleading and fraudulent actions by those who promote unnecessary genital surgeries.

Promoting Ethical Policy

We advocate for circumcision policies that fortify the bodily protection of those unable to give consent.

*Circumcision Law Reform does not condone, support or endorse hatred, abuse or harm, especially on the basis of ethnicity, gender or faith. We instead promote inclusivity in respectful discussion and action that supports our advocacy of protections for children, youth, and parents.